Adobe Photoshop for Windows gets Sky Replacement improvements


Adobe today announced a new update for Photoshop app on Windows. This update brings improvements to Sky Replacement feature, Bezier handle in Transform Warp feature and more. Sky Replacement feature now has new skies to choose from and the ability to import up to 5,000 skies at once.

The new Discover panel in Photoshop offers a new way to find content that is relevant to what you’re doing. You can initiate a search using Ctrl+F (Windows), or click the search icon in the app bar header.

This release also includes several bug fixes.

Across the application:

  • Canvas movement smoother when zoomed in at maximum levels
  • Puppet warp mesh visualization improvements
  • Smoother handling of jitter opacity when painting
  • Error for scratch disk full provides link to troubleshooting document

Neural Filters:

  • Preset images now included for Style Transfer to provide a starting point
  • Use any custom image and apply the style of that image to your document
  • Superzoom now operates on the entire layer instead of only a cropped portion of the image. Use output>new document to apply superzoom to the entire document.

Source: Adobe

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