A new outdoor storage solution for home decks & docks

All-weather, secure dock box from Face to Face Stores

Imagine adding an additional 500 square feet of secure, weatherproof storage to your home

Prepare to rethink your entire home storage strategy because OutdoorDockBox.com’s full line of all-weather storage decks and dock boxes changes the game. These robust construction kits are designed for a lifelong service life and can be locked and sealed to ensure complete protection of the storage.

“Imagine adding 500 square feet of additional secure storage space to your home,” said Tim Pletcher, the company’s marketing advisor. “With a few strategically placed units, the property becomes less cluttered and the equipment is closer to where it actually is.”

“Face-to-face stores are very strategic in terms of the exact products that are made available. For example, replace one of your lounge chairs with our storage seat so that all deck, cooking, pool or outdoor equipment is within reach the actual action takes place. In addition, the box doubles as a comfortable and spacious lounger that customers love. “

Other really nice options are boat trailers or sailboat boxes and deck or dock steps and stairs.

Face to Face Stores LLC has been providing quality products and fanatical customer support for over two years, and these are just getting started! Finding niche products and reinventing the way customers use space and home decor is a fundamental core of Face to Face Stores’ business.

Contact Face to Face Stores today to learn how to use deck and dock storage boxes as an interior designer or as a homeowner.

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