A classic home in the beautiful Los Angeles suburbs


The nearly 7,534 square foot house has space for everything you need

Before becoming a professional designer, Joe Lucas wanted to be an actor and even graduated from drama school, but he encountered interior design and realized that this was his calling. After working for the well-known American designer Michael Sean Smith for three years, Lucas opened his own studio, Lucas Studio, and a little later his Harbinger showroom in New York. He was invited to work on this project by architect Eric Evens from Evens Architects / KAA Design Group. The customers – a young family with children – grew up in Los Angeles and wanted to recreate the nostalgia of their childhood in the house. The design of the apartment is inspired by the traditional buildings of the east coast: spacious but cozy rooms, lots of wood and of course large windows with a view of the nearby hills.

The nearly 7,534 square meter space offers space for everything you need and a little more: a living room with a fireplace, a dining area, five bedrooms, six bathrooms, an office, a library and a gym. As in his other projects, the designer started work by first determining the color scheme, which significantly influences the overall mood of the interior. This house is dominated by shades of blue and green, which are deliberately accentuated by textiles with floral prints. Thanks to these elements, the feeling of a family nest was created.

New furniture and objects from the Harbinger by Hand collection coexist with vintage and antique finds that the designer brought back from shops in France and England – not a single Lucas project can do without them. These elements combine so harmoniously that it is impossible to tell which item is vintage and which is completely new. The result is a bright, calm interior, but not without signs of eclecticism. “It’s the perfect mix of traditional East Coast design and contemporary Californian style,” describes the designer.

This article first appeared in AD Russia


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