1949 five-window Chevy 3100 heads up for auction

Classic cars are still hot in the collector car market, as are restomods, and restomod classic cars are just too cool for school. This 1949 Chevy 3100 five-window short bed pickup was the subject of a remarkable build and will soon be up for auction.

This 1949 Chevy 3100 was painted in Medium Poly Metallic Green. The finish shows great care in preparation and execution. The sheet metal bed is completely new and has been completely replaced by MAR-K. The bed rails have been locked and the stake pockets are no longer. The bed base is covered in curly maple with a smoked mocha finish and several layers of clear satin. Bed rails are screwless and well polished. The fuel tank was placed under the truck bed, and the filler neck is a polished flat cap on the driver’s side of the truck bed.

The interior of our presented Chevy 3100 has also been stylishly redesigned. The checkered fabric Highlander Avocado Green is framed by black leather on the bench and the door panels. There is now a practical drink holder in the middle of the seat. Vintage Air takes over the air conditioning tasks. A special D-shaped steering wheel fits on the tilt steering column. Classic Instruments gauges were built into the dashboard wrapped in black leather.

A 5.3 liter LS V8 is located in the neat engine compartment of the Chevy 3100. A specially made engine cover and valve covers were painted in a matching medium poly metallic green with black stripes and create a striking first impression. A brake booster and a modern aluminum cooler were installed. The engine compartment was smoothed, the body in front of the radiator was painted in Highlander Avocado Green and the fenders and firewall were painted in satin black.

The chassis of the Chevy 3100 has an independent front suspension, a four-link rear wheel and air suspension with a wireless control module. Power disc brakes are obscured by US Mags Bonneville’s polished billet wheels that are offset 18 “at the front and 20” at the rear. New running boards were installed. The door glass is now in one piece, with no ventilation windows. All new weather strips were installed throughout.

This Chevy 3100 will be up for sale at auction in Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale, AZ March 20-27

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