10 stained glass window ideas


Although stained glass may conjure up images of old churches and haunted houses at first glance, we assure you that these are not the only contexts for this colorful art. In fact, stained-glass windows are making a comeback (but if you ask us, they’ve never really gone out of style) and designers have included them in creative, modern ways. Get inspiration from the 10 stained glass ideas and examples to rethink how to let the light in.

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This hallway from Reath Design proves that rainbow decorations can be energizing without being overly stimulating. With multi-colored panes and a striped rug, this is another example of a transition room being much more than just a place where you move from room to room.


In a house in New Orleans near Rivers Spencer, original Tudor-style windows with stained glass inserts make walking down a hallway feel like a sacred experience. By keeping the rest of the room neutral, Spencer lets the windows glow and gives the room a more modern feel. The stained glass accents, as well as the natural light that floods the room, eliminate the need for additional works of art, carpets or other decorative items. Basically, it’s a blueprint for anyone who is both a traditionalist and a minimalist.


A stained glass window on the front door of this Anna Spiro Design house ensures a personal welcome. Whether you choose a Latin message that means something special to you or opt for initials or the family name, it will embellish both the exterior and the interior of your home. Like a doormat, but much higher and more timeless.


In this room from AP Design House, traditional stained glass windows pop against the bright white paint. Modern accent lighting, artwork, and furniture bring the space up to date while also paying tribute to the space’s classic architectural bones. So if you’ve inherited some windows like this one and are considering replacing them, let this example convince you to keep them and add a gradient.


Stained glass can also work in tropical surroundings: here Anna Spiro chose a wallpaper print that mimics the movement in stained glass, which incidentally is also perfect for a place where privacy is key (like a bathroom).


While some stained glass are more subtle and act as accents, you can also use them to introduce meaningful colors and patterns. Reath Designs created a mosaic with more opaque pieces of glass to brighten up this atmospheric home bar.


Chocolate brown walls and peach colored pillows in this majestic and soothing bedroom designed by Fiona Lynch accentuate the colors of the stained glass window and exemplify that it’s best to party rather than grapple with pre-existing quirks.


The interior window of this New York City apartment from Crosby Studios is treated with stained glass, but in a 21st century style. Lots of old apartment buildings have them because they were built to increase air circulation, and here’s how to make them look deliberately and incredibly stylish. He used cut plexiglass from a shop on Canal Street and chose a fun pink chewing gum.


The old school energy of stained glass contrasts perfectly with contemporary decor. It can also be a great problem solver that provides privacy or hides a less than excellent view while still letting in natural light, like in this house from Reath Design.


A black box theater effect frames the stained glass details in the window behind. Fiona Lynch distinguishes the media room from the adjoining bright white living room with a colored color scheme and soft, gray carpeting for optimal comfort.

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